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Survivor Pool Rules & Format

A survivor pool is a season-long contest where you compete against other participants by picking one team each week of the NFL regular season.

If your team wins, you survive and remain in the pool for another week. If your team loses, you are eliminated from the pool. Entrants can not pick the same team twice, so be sure to choose your picks wisely each week.

The goal is to be the last entry left, or among the remaining survivors, at the end of the season. If all entries are eliminated before the end of the season, the longest surviving entries will be declared the winners.

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My Survivor Pool is easy to use for both hosts and participants. We make it simple and straight forward for hosts to administer their pools and for members to submit picks and track their entries.

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Our pricing is simple and straightforward. We don't charge based on the number of entries in your pool. Host your pool for the whole season and invite as many participants as you want for just $24.99. That's it.

01. Invite participants to join your pool

We'll send each of your invitees an email with a private link to join your pool.

02. Allow Single or Multiple Entries

As pool host, you can choose how many entries to allow per member. Limit participants to a single entry, or set a maximum number of entries per member to give participants more chances of surviving.

03. Submit Your Pick Each Week

Be sure to lock in your pick(s) before kickoff of your team's game(s). Participants can change their pick up until kickoff.

04. Check the Leaderboard

Check out your pool's leaderboard after each week to see who survived, who was eliminated, and which teams were picked in previous weeks.

Countdown to Kickoff

2024 NFL Season Opener

Baltimore Ravens

Kansas City Chiefs

Thursday, September 5 8:20 p.m. ET.

51 : 21 : 36 : 31

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